About Us

Our Vision
To be an effective and efficient humanitarian organisation in delivering aid to those in need.
Our Mission
Develop networking at national and international levels.
Our Motto
"The Best Man is He who is Best to Mankind".
Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) is a humanitarian organisation registered under the Trustee Act 1952 (PPAB 20/2010), with the primary objective of assisting those affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts, both local and abroad. As a non-profit organisation, all activities are sponsored and supported by concerned individuals and corporations. In 2014, MRA received special consultative status from United Nation – Economic and Social Council (UN – ECOSOC) which enable MRA to participate in UN deliberations. In 2017, MRA was accepted as an Associate Member of the Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA).  

As years past, we have grown in numbers. MRA has expanded to 11 states in Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Our greater purpose is to ensure our assistance is given to the beneficiaries in an effective and efficient manner.  

MRA is determined to develop skills and train its staff and volunteers in the aspects of humanitarian work, including technical skills, networking, identifying, implementing of the project, fund raising and management.

Disaster Management and Response
MRA had responded to several disasters locally and internationally. These are the list of a few disasters that MRA had sent assistance to. Floods in Kedah (2010), Kelantan (2014 – 2015) and Pakistan (2010); tsunami and earthquakes in Padang - Pariaman Indonesia (2010), Japan (2011), Nepal (2015) and Palu - Central Sulawesi Indonesia (2018); typhoon in Cebu - Philippines (2013) and natural disasters due to climate change in Somalia (2011 – 2012) and Yemen (2015 to date) and currently Corona Virus (Covid – 19) outbreak (2020).

MRA is also involved in community development projects in countries affected by humanitarian crisis and natural disasters. MRA is involved in clusters like:
    • Medical and Health Care
    • Community Development
    • Shelter
    • WaSH
    • Education
    • Economic Empowerment
    • Training
    • Livelihood & Food Security
This is to ensure that the affected communities we assist are able to assisted for a period of time and where possible to sustain themselves and start towards recovery.

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